Cyclists Unlikely to Bone on the First Date

Cyclists Unlikely to Bone on the First Date

By Ron Ecstasy on September 14, 2011

According to Freedating, a UK-based website that offers matchmaking and online dating services to millions of Brits, cyclists are less likely to put out on the first date. Though the same study—keep in mind this is the company analyzing their own data—found that people in poor physical shape, and of low education were far more likely to get down on a first meeting.

Here’s a little direct quote from their findings,

In terms of body shape, for example, overweight women are more likely than those described as slim or simply large to finish the evening in bed with a new partner, while among men, it is those described as being of athletic build.

Ok, so fit guys are hella horny and so are fat ladies. I think I get it, but conversely;

Women who said they are interested in cars and spend time in bars were also more likely to say that they would have sex on a first date, while in terms of level of education, it is better educated men but less well educated women who do so.

So what have we learned? Educated, fit guys like to make boney with brain-dead lard-ladies. How cyclists play into this equation I’m not entirely sure. Also what the term “cyclist” actually means is vague. I know tons of people who use bikes primarily FOR mating rituals. As a means of getting to bars, shows, cafes etc whereupon they try to find someone to sleep with.  If there was anything as good as a late-night buzzed out bike ride home to really convince that girl from the bar to give it up then I’d like to know.  I could save time repairing all those flats.

The study placed cyclists and their sexual habits in the realm of “40 year old non-drinkers”, pretty unflattering if you ask me. Might as well say they have as much sex as Mennonites.  Though I think the difference between fitness cyclists and lifestyle cyclists isn’t clearly defined here. Or maybe I’m just an outlier.

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