Daryl Hannah to Star in ‘Snuff’ Film

Daryl Hannah to Star in ‘Snuff’ Film

By Jacob Carson on February 16, 2011

Once again porn is breaking into mainstream media with the movie “Snuff” staring former mermaid and one-eyed assassin Daryl Hannah. I personally would like to see her star in a movie called “Muff” where she plays a professional diver, but that’s just me.

Hannah’s going to have to some serious yoga to get ready for this part. She plays a porn star going for a record of having sex with 600 men in one day. I wouldn’t mind being in the top 50, but after that I think I would pass on even Daryl Hannah’s pulsating move muffin.

Based on the book with the same name written by the famous author, Chuck Palahniuk, the film follows men number 72, 137 and old sloppy 600 as they try to get into her well-oiled pelvis. Tom Sizemore, who knows more than a little about being sloppy, also stars as Mr. 600 and Thora Birch plays the wrangler who makes the decision of who’s flesh missile get to make a temporary home in Hannah’s silo. Birch is no stranger to porn as her father is a former porn star turned irate manager.

Chuck Palahniuk’s novel was originally inspired by Porn Star Annabel who had some kind of sexual intercourse with more than 70 men in just 10 hours. This is just another example how the barriers between Hollywood and its red headed step child the porn industry are breaking down.

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