Dave Cummings to be inducted into the Porn Hall of Fame

Dave Cummings to be inducted into the Porn Hall of Fame

By Jacob Carson on March 03, 2011

I remember being a kid in high school and watching Dave Cummings on the television banging a bevy of beauties and thinking, “That is the luckiest old dude in the world!” Now, I look at him and say “That is the luckiest really old dude in the world!”

Cummings will be inducted into the X-rated Critics Organizations’ Hall of Fame, making him the oldest inductee ever at 70. I always thought Cummings looks like that kind of guy that would make an awesome grandpa and then he would get naked and start banging some girl ½ his age and suddenly I felt really awkward.

Cummings, who still works in porn, didn’t start out his life as a porn star. He spent the majority of his life in the military, earning the rank of lieutenant colonel and was awarded the bronze star. He even spent some time as a West Point instructor.

He entered porn at the ripe age of 54 after his left him. After 22 years as a married man, Cummings found himself single and on the prowl. An encounter and I mean that in the dirtiest way possible, with legend Nina Hartley encouraged him to try out and soon he was being cast in adult films.

Sure, he would never be the rock hard lead like Peter North, but Cummings gained a faithful following playing older more official roles like judge and doctor, but still got to have sex with women ½ his age. He has his own series and is known for his gentle and caring demeanor especially to girls just starting out in the industry. Cummings is a class act that has no aspirations of retirement.

Cummings will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on April 13.

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