Deal or No Deal Revels in PornStars

Deal or No Deal Revels in PornStars

By Jacob Carson on December 07, 2010

The American version of Deal or No Deal gives us Howie Mandel, but across the pond in Britain it’s pornstars winning the big bucks.

Mother, clean freak and dirty, dirty girl, Jeanette Burton is a MILF, which probably helped her get on the show, but she also gobbles a few knobs as a professional past time. The 37-year-old listed her profession as photographer, but she’s the one in all the pictures.

Apparently, Jeanette runs a boudoir photography studio and website that includes racy pictures. Customers can purchase a password that allows them to see x-rated photos of her performing sex acts. Sounds like a fun time to me.

Jeanette also apparently performs for people on webcam. I love a woman that is dedicated to her craft and goes that extra mile for the personal touch. The site states she likes attending sex parties and having sex with women. I say, give her the money! She’s already got my vote.

In her defense, Jeanette states she knows nothing about the site and everything on it is from personal files from a stolen laptop. Sure, and I’m not addicted to lesbians in latex. Why shouldn’t pornstars and others people be able to appear on a game show? Deal or No Deal would be more entertaining if it required a fluffer. As would all game shows.

So far producers haven’t said much about the incident, but that’s not surprising since this isn’t the first time porn has reared is attractive and ratings grabbing head on the television show. In 2007, mother and daughter tag team Jean and Kelly Kershaw won 50,000 pounds before it was discovered they performed together in a sex video.

I see nothing wrong with a mother and daughter bonding over a little oral action. Sure, it’s probably illegal in Britain, but their stuffy anyway.

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