Dirty Words From the Porn Set II: Dirty Harder

Dirty Words From the Porn Set II: Dirty Harder

By Chase Dougall on July 24, 2013

Dirty Wordy Wednesday - Porn Slang #2

If you thought that last week's list of dirty slang from porn sets was all the horny vocab you were going 
to get from your pals at ZZ Insider, then you thought wrong, amigo. If we wrote down all the dirtiest words in current usage 
from end to end on one of those folding reams of printer paper from the 90s, it would reach at 
least as far as Uranus. 

So without any further build-up, here's another list of all the saucy slang you could use to 
sound like you're in-the-know, in the only industry worth knowing.

Baggage: An unfavorable word for the sometimes unemployed boyfriends of starlets who show up on 
set carrying all her bags, often telling everyone in sight that he's her "manager". At best, 
they're friendly and polite. At worst, they're annoying, abusive, and hang out all day near the 
food table. (also, see Suitcase Pimp)

Commercial: How most producers, casting agents, and the talent refer to their scenes in 
public. Calling the day's scene "a commercial" helps keep the other customers at the Starbucks 
minding their own business. Nobody cares about some rando's fledgling acting career, unless they find out it's X-Rated, then you better watch out.

Giggler: A girl/girl scene. Developed from calling all-female scenes G-G, or G-G-G, later 
evolved into calling those scenes gigglers (also, see Veggie).

Ghost Rigger: The person on a BDSM set who does the actual rigging of the rope-bondage pose, 
then hands the work off to the Dom who will act like they did the ropework.

Pinch: Technique employed by male performs who tightly grip the base of their shafts to squeeze 
out a little extra hardness and length.

Pro-Am: Like the charity golf tournaments and other events it borrows the name from, this term 
refers to young ladies who work the "amateur" porn circuit until they're too well-known, and 
then move to 

Stickspin: When performers in a B-G scene change position without first removing the penis from the vagina. 

Tunnel Magazine: A hard-core magazine featuring lots of close-ups of a woman's pussy and asshole.

Wizard: A halo of wizened old hairs hanging around a performer's private parts.

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