Dirty Wordy Wednesday: Waggo

Dirty Wordy Wednesday: Waggo

By Randall Vicks on August 21, 2013

Waggo: Verb. The act of engaging in sexual intercourse with the mother of a friend.

We've all had the fantasies. You walk in to a friend's house, expecting to spend the day hanging out and playing video games, but your friend is nowehere to be found. His mother walks out of the kitchen wearing nothing but a bath robe and a smile, and tells you that he won't be home for at least another hour. And whatever will you do to pass the time? The bathrobe falls to the ground as you marvel at the forbidden fruits before you, frozen with indecision and fear. Your friend would kill you if you did it, but you might never forgive yourself if you don't. So what's a man to do? Well, I guess that depends on whether or not you consider yourself a motherfucker, or, as we've learned today, someone who engages in the occasional rousing bout of waggoing. Regardless of whether or not you'd actually follow through on the fantasy, of course, is irrelevant. What matters is that the fantasy is there. That's why Brazzers has not just one, but two amazing MILF sites, Mommy Got Boobs and MILFs Like it Big, because deep down, in our heart of hearts, we're all dirty waggoing motherfuckers. I know I am. So check out this list of terrible friends waggo'ing hot moms.

Kianna Dior in "Breakfast In Bed With a Horny MILF" (NSFW)


Sarah Blake in "Night Moves" (NSFW)


Kendra Lust in "College Madness" (NSFW)


Dallas in "Morning After Drill" (NSFW)


Jennifer Best in "The Masturbating Mom" (NSFW)


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