Dirty Wordy Wednesdays: Firecrotch

Dirty Wordy Wednesdays: Firecrotch

By Chase Dougall on May 08, 2013

Whenever I see a hot ginger with freckles on her shoulders and creeping down her chest toward her boobs, I can only think one thing: under her panties she’s concealing one of the greatest treats in the world of sex, a firecrotch. A tuft of ginger pubes is like a little cloud drifted down from horny heaven.

Reasons Why Gingers Are So Appealing:

This preference for gingers over all other types is completely irrational, I know, and yet for some reason it’s tugged on the steering wheel ever since I started cruising for punani. It could be rarity: answers vary, but it seems like gingers make up only 4% of all females in North America. Some people are ringing false alarms that the gene is dying out. And so a valiant few artists fighting the good fight have made it their lives' work to preserve photographic evidence of these rare beauties. In Medieval times, red hair was associated with loose morals and insatiable sexual appetites, and it seems that idea’s stuck around. Even looking at the Archies, the difference is clear. Betty may have been sugar, and Veronica spice, but you got the impression Cheryl Blossom would have done anything Archie wanted. Anything.


(Above: Where am I? Is this... am I in Heaven?)

 Dirty Wordy #3


 Definition: 1. A person with naturally red pubic hair, making their crotch look like a little patch of fire.

 (Notable mentions: The Red Carpet – same as above, but with the connotation that banging redheads makes you a VIP, which it obviously does; Daywalker – a reference to Twilight, a term used for gingers who don’t burn in direct sunlight, and typically don’t have freckles.)

 If you can imagine a spectrum of all pubes, most people would probably put a big greasy bush on the distasteful end, and freshly shaved pussy way on the other extreme. But if you’re like me, then even further beyond shaved, in the realm of perfection is a patch of ginger pubes. A ginge minge is like Shaved 2.0. Even wild and unruly, a firecrotch calls to you to bury your face in it the muff. It beckons your cock like the landing lights on a runway. Fans crave it, and request seeing their favorite hotties au naturel. Gingers are the only porn stars who are routinely asked to forget the razors and arrive on set with their bush in full bloom.


(Without a doubt one of the sexiest gingers of our times, Christina Hendricks has got it going on (photo from CHOnline.com))

 Great Moments in Hook-up History: My First Firecrotch

 The first time I ever heard the word I was with some buddies at this college bar we liked because it was dark and busy and strange in there. I’d been playing a slow game on a ginger, when around midnight she suddenly stopped and said, “If you ask about my ‘firecrotch’, I’m walking away right now.” It was kind of clear what that meant, but I pretended to be clueless. She looked around, at her friends, at my friends, all oblivious. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, but I could taste my nervousness like battery acid. She rolled the front of her leggings down past her snatch, showing her tuft of ginger hair in all its glory. I’ve seen a lot of flashes and moons in my day, but never as sexy as this. She asked if I wanted to touch it, and when I reached out, she snapped the waistband back.

There was no need to stay for another round.

I woke up in her bedroom, way too early, with sun streaming in through her window. Too hot for blankets, the babe from last night was laying there naked. She had a lot of pubes, but in her case it was awesome. In some flash of inspiration, I cocked my head to the side and looked at the sunlight through her patch. It glowed orange and hot like a bonfire frozen in time. 

NSFW: Check out our hottest gingers Faye Reagan and Nikki Rhodes in Red Head RIDE!.


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