Dirty Wordy Wednesdays: PAWG

Dirty Wordy Wednesdays: PAWG

By Chase Dougall on June 12, 2013

Dirty Wordy #8


Definition: 1. PAWG  - Phat Ass White Girl – white girls with juicy booty and legs.

(Notable mentions: tick ting – from our Trinidadian friends, a girl with a narrow waist and a tick ting just below)


The first thing to do when you’re on the hunt for PAWGs is to keep your eyes peeled for chicks with 40 inch hips or more. Walking down the street, working the Stairmaster, dropping into a deep squat at the rack – these chicks are easy to find. Follow the number of heads turned in one direction to stare and you’ll find the PAWG at the end of the rainbow.

A PAWG’s got the kind of butt that rolls like the deck of a ship as she clicks down the street in high heels. It’s a massive slab of flesh that makes it almost difficult to walk. Now that’s an ass worth sinking your teeth into.



(Above: Did you bring your knife and fork? No getting up from the table til you're done eating that ass.)

PAWG Checklist

  1. Is it big?
  2. Is it round?
  3. Is she wearing yoga pants or leggings?
  4. Are the hips and thighs thick and strong? Is this an ass that has strength?
  5. Could you hang a jacket off that ass?
  6. Is it about the same size as the pillows they give at a fancy hotel?
  7. If you give it a smack, does the whole thing jiggle for five minutes? What about when you play it in slo-motion?
  8. Will she clap it for you like they do at Magic City? Does it make that wak-wak-wak noise?
  9. No but really, your jacket? Did you even try to hang it?



(Above: The 2013 Los Angeles Juicy Butt Convention... with a few cars, too)

If you want to see someone who aces this checklist, check out a new face on the porn scene, Whooty starlet Sierra Sanders. Sierra has one of the best butts I’ve ever seen. It’s round and thick, and jiggles like a dream as it bounces on a cock. Her ass blushes like a slut whenever its pale skin takes a littkle spankin'. Most importantly, she’s not at all shy about showing it off to anyone who wants to see. But if you want to keep a rump like that in good shape, you have to give it regular workouts and lots of dick. 




NSFW: Check out Sierra Sanders in Xtreme Ass Yoga

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