Doc Johnson Releases Wendy Williams Anal Training Kit

Doc Johnson Releases Wendy Williams Anal Training Kit

By Lydia Lace on June 16, 2011

Adult novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson announced last year a partnership with transsexual superstar Wendy Williams for her own line of adult toys. Now, the latest item in that line, the Wendy Williams Training Kit, has been released. (AVN)

No stranger to the concept of “anal training”, I was happy to hear that these two had teamed up to produce a kit specifically to warm up shy sphincters for a proper reaming.

 “Earlier this year, Wendy Williams’ Salad Tossing Spray—a flavored lickable bodies spray in strawberry and lollipop—made its debut on shelves and is a buzz with retailers.” Reads the press release, “Now, fans of anal sex can enjoy a kit that offers three different butt plugs from small too (sic) large, perfect for the novice or professional.”

The plugs you get in this kit sound like they are the A&W of ass-toys: you got Teen Buttplug, Mama Buttplug, and Papa Buttlpug. They are packaged as a perfect nuclear family, and you know when you see them that they are related because they are all tidy and black.

Being a bit of a kinkster myself, I’ve got lots of plugs and frankly, I only really love about 25% of them. They look impressive; all lined up like a brave little band of ass-pirates. But who am I kidding? It’s not like I use them to play chess! They’re just taking up space I could be using for huge bottles of lube (so sucks running out!) and more cat statuettes. Plus, I really want to install some decent shackles because the flimsy towel rack I screwed into the wall at the head of my bed is wiggly now and looks just as obvious as any good dungeon gear.

Call me anal (pun intended), but another thing I like about this kit is the uniformity and graduating girth of the plugs. "When preparing for a scene or just to have anal sex, I always warm up in the shower but depending on the size of the guy's cock it's hard to just use one toy. I figured it would be nice to have a kit that I can use to warm up no matter the size of my partners’ cocks,” Williams said. Made in theU.S.of phthalate- and latex-free antibacterial PVC, you’ll know you’re getting hot anal training with the best material money can buy. The butt plugs are also great for O-ring harnesses as well!

As for the Misfit Toys, I guess I won’t bother holding a yard-sale in the name of down-sizing (because second-hand butt-plugs, however disinfected, will always have ass-ghosts on them), but I’m thinking about sending them to Rabbit Amnesty.

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