Dora the Anal Explorer

Dora the Anal Explorer

By Jacob Carson on February 08, 2011

We’ve all heard or seen the stories of writers and animators putting subtle elements of porn or dirty talk in their cartoons like ‘The Little Mermaid’ priest with a boner, or the infamous ‘fingering Prince’ comment made on The Animaniacs. But recently one adventurous factory worker may have taken this age old sexy custom too far when he traded out a kid’s movie with some hardcore XXX.

Candice Connor, a mother in Queens, New York bought a copy of ‘Nickelodeon All-Star Sports Day’, a 2 disc series featuring Diego and Dora the Explorer for her children from a local Toys ‘R’ Us, took it home, and popped the first video in the DVD player and cuddled up with her sons aged 3-11.

The next day, her oldest son decided to help out his mom and brought his little brother into the living room and popped in the second DVD. Instead of Spanglish pair Dora and Diego, the kiddies were treated to some serious back door action from “Bubble Butts Bonanza 17.” If anything, the children learned about alliteration and very little about the wonderful world of the Spanish language. Then the next day, the older son popped in the second DVD and saw a couple having sex. "I saw a Caucasian lady and man and they were naked," said 11 year old Nigel Connor. "I was surprised."

What makes this story particularly interesting is that the mom bought the DVD shrink wrapped, so the switch would’ve had to have happened at the factory. But I got to say, does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? The mother watched the first DVD with her two sons, did not notice that the second DVD had BUBBLE BUTTS BONANZA 17 written on the DVD. Does she not want to admit that she was the one that made the accidental switch? Candice Connor said she plans to hire a lawyer.

"I want apologies all around," she said. "It's not about the money."

I wish someone would have switched out my He-Man VHS tapes for some porn when I was a kid. Do you have any idea who hard it is to masturbate to Teila in that little leggy number? I wouldn’t of even cared if it was my dad’s porn, as long as it wasn’t homemade.

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