DSK Porn Spoof: Way too Soon

DSK Porn Spoof: Way too Soon

By Ron Ecstasy on November 02, 2011

Hey rest of the world? Want to feel alienated by a porn spoof, and not in the good “oh I just came and everything feels so far away” sense? Well, let’s see what we’ve got to get you in the “porn is evil” kind of mood.

How about  an xxx parody of a popular comic book movie franchise? Naw that sounds too boring, or fun or both.

How about a brutal sex scene in which a porn-star has to be punished for an unexplainable offense? Actually people love this and it’s a mainstay of the business, next.

 Oh ok, I’ve got it, how about we parody something big, that’s been in the news. Something that all the mainstream blogs and media sources have all types of opinions on. Amanda Knox has good lawyers, otherwise we’d spoof the fuck out of her (and how!). Just stick to caricatures of people who are unlikely to respond/sue us. People such as FUCKING Nafissatou Diallo and Dominique Strauss Kahn! Yeah, a porn about the attempted rape of a hotel maid by a rich and powerful man is a great idea.

If you’re fucking retarded.

Yet, a company that calls itself “My Porn Productions” is setting out to do just that. I hope it’s a femdom scene, otherwise what are these jokers doing? I’m bros with the script writers here at Brazzers and I can tell you, this isn’t where the ideas come from guys.

For those that need an update, Nafissatou Diallo is the West African immigrant that claimed to have been raped by French politician and ex IMF chief Dominique Strauss Kahn this winter.  The NYPD held Kahn for some time until after months of attacks on Diallo by his legal team, the city dropped charges on Kahn and sent him back to France. Whereupon several other women have come forward claiming to have been sexually assaulted by him.

Why this seems like a good idea is beyond me. The company is soliciting donations in Euros to  get the film made and I really hope they’re not pro-Kahn in the way several otherwise respectable French newspapers have been lately.  Either way, Kahn still faces a civil suit from Diallo, one he’s unlikely to win.

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