Fantasy Friday: Goodbye at the Beach

Fantasy Friday: Goodbye at the Beach

By Willow Monroe on March 23, 2012

Waves crash on the shore as I gaze out at the horizon. The sun warms my shoulders and gulls circle overhead. The sky is clear, but the future is murky and uncertain. Tomorrow I fly across the country to attend college, and begin a new chapter in my life. I should be happy. I’m pursuing my dreams, and going to live in the most happening city in the country. It was all absolutely perfect until about two weeks ago when I met Tony. And now, leaving the west coast is bitter sweet.

Tony puts his arm around me and I lean into his shoulder, letting the smell of sea and the man next to me assail my senses. The beach is deserted. We both know that this is goodbye, though neither one of us has said it. His skin against mine sends shivers up my arms, despite the heat. The air around us is fraught with tension, intangible but thick.     

“Jen,” he starts, but I don’t let him finish, interrupting him by kissing him on mouth. He’s a good kisser, and his lips move against mine as effortlessly as light reflects off the water. The back of my neck tingles and the sand is hot under my bare feet.

Tony caresses the small of my back as his kisses move along the length of my neck. His arms are muscled and firm under my palms, and my own mouth glides along his chest, and descend upon his nipples. He grabs my ass and nibbles at my earlobe, pushes his crotch against mine. I feel his erection through the thin fabric of our bathing suits, and a groan escapes my lips. I know I won’t be able to wait, that I need him inside me as quickly as possible. My fingers slip over his abs, and descend to the bulge in his trunks. His dick is solid under palm, and the contact stirs the juices in my pussy.

Our mouths lock again as our hands roam each other’s bodies. Tony unclasps the back of my bikini and the fabric falls from my body onto the sand. His hands on my breasts, fingers gently pinching my nipples. I undo the string on his swim shorts, and reach under the waistband to feel his cock in my hand. His size is impressive, both  in length and girth.

“You’re so hard,” I say, breathlessly pulling his trunks off.

“It’s all for, baby,” he whispers in my ear.

My cunt is dripping now, I want him so bad. Still, he teases me. His lips drop to my tits, and he sucks and carefully nips at my breasts. He pulls off the other half of my bikini and it joins the rest of our garments on the shore.

Tony pushes me forward, backing me against a boulder. He drops to his knees and his tongue trails along my inner thigh. He blows on my clit, before placing his mouth on my pussy. I gasp, and clutch his shoulders as he tongues my wet cunt. The first orgasm blows through my insides quickly, and before the last convulsion has passed, he’s inside me, filling me up with his hard cock.

I’m perched against the boulder, Tony’s hands behind me protecting me from the rough stone. He fucks me with ferocious strokes, and my cries fill the air. I’m clenching his hips tightly, as much for support as for the sake of propelling him more deeply inside me. He alters his rhythm, starts to fuck me slower, then gingerly eases out of my pussy. He turns me around, and I lean forward so he can enter me from behind. He pounds into me, again and again, each time hitting my g-spot. He grabs at my hair, pulling my blonde locks back, as he strokes my cunt with his dick.  

When he orgasms, his hot cum fills me up and my cunt convulses around his cock with my own orgasm. This one is more powerful, and it takes several moments before my vag stops twitching. Tony kisses the nape of my neck before easing himself out of my cunt. He turns me around and kisses me passionately. He pulls away and looks at me and I smile at him.

“That was all right, “ I say.

“Just all right?” Tony beams at me, knowing that no one has ever fucked me better.

“Yeah. Pretty good,” I tell him.

I laugh and glance out at the water. Floating far out on the water are my bikini top and his trunks.

“Oh shit,” I say and laugh harder.

Tony follows my gaze and chuckles.

“Guess the walk back to car will be interesting,” he says, then gathers me in his arms as the waves continue to crash, and the sun warms our naked bodies.    

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