Fantasy Friday: Kitchen Sexcapade

Fantasy Friday: Kitchen Sexcapade

By Willow Monroe on April 27, 2012

Fantasy Friday Kitchen Sexcapade

I’m at the kitchen sink, hands submerged in soapy water, washing dishes then putting them on the rack beside to dry. He comes up behind me, wraps his arms around me, nuzzles my neck, the warmth of his breath and mouth sending goosebumps along my back. I keep washing the dishes as he glides one hand under my t-shirt, slides it over my belly, and up along my rib cage till he reaches my chest. He cups and squeezes one of my breasts, gently pinches my nipple through the fabric of my bra. With his other hand he undoes the button of my jeans, undoes the fly, then slips his hand under my lace panties.

I’m already wet. This man does that to me. A look, a word, a hand brushed over my knee, and my cunt starts to swim. It’s instantaneous. An immediate visceral response to his presence.

He pushes his hard cock against the small of my back and my breath catches. My hands are still and unmoving in the dish water. His teeth sink into the soft flesh between my neck and shoulder. I shiver. His fingers slide over the lips of my cunt and he’s kneading my breast with his other hand. He floats his hand down to my waist and nudges me so I turn around. My hands drip water onto the floor as I look up at him. Blue eyes looking into mine. He slips a finger into the folds of my pussy and bends to kiss me. Our lips meet, brushing against each other lightly. His tongue slips into my mouth as he fingers my pussy. Our tongues dance, and the kiss deepens. He pulls away and removes the finger from my cunt and puts it into his mouth, tasting me.

He lifts up my t-shirt over my head and allows it to drop on the floor. He removes my bra and it too drops to the floor. I unbutton his shirt as he nibbles my earlobe and neck. The shirt falls off his frame and my hands run up over his chest, up over his shoulders, and down his arms. He pushes his hard-on against my belly. I can feel the heat of his cock through the fabric of his jeans. I undo his belt, undo his fly, and unzip him. I tug his pants and boxers down over his hips and he steps out of them. My eyes drop to his hard cock and I’m thinking about getting on my knees, but he yanks my jeans and panties off in one quick movement, then helps me step out of them.

He lifts me up off the ground and carries me to the kitchen table. He removes the cushions from the chairs and places them on the table before easing me on top of it. He kisses me again, nothing gentle about this meeting of lips. I ache for him, holding onto the back of his neck to get more of his tongue. He withdraws, and bends his head to my breasts. He puts his mouth to my nipples, swirling his tongue over one then the other. He bends even lower and kisses my belly, then moves his mouth lower, over my mound. I groan as his tongue slides between the lips of my cunt. He laps at my pussy, nibbles at my clit. I love seeing the top of his head between my legs.

He stands, leans forward, and whispers in my ear, “I’m going to make you cum so hard you scream.”  

He kisses me again and I taste my juices on his tongue and lips. He pulls away, looking down at me, a devilish glint in his eye.

“Don’t move,” he tells me, and leaves the room. When he returns, he carries silk scarves, a paddle, and a vibrator. I look at him questioningly, but I know there’s no use in asking. He lays me belly down on the table, spread eagle, and ties my hands and feet to the legs of the table. He positions the chair cushions beneath me so that my hips and ass are somewhat raised off the table, giving him access to my lady parts.

“Whatever happens, you don’t move,” he tells me. “And you’re not allowed to cum till I tell you too.”

“Ok,” I say.

He plunges two fingers inside my cunt, and massages my g-spot. I moan. Fuck it feels good, even better as his tongue glides over my clit. I can’t help it; I arch my back in response. The sharp sting of the paddle as it lands on my ass.

“I told you not to move,” he says. I can’t see him, but his voice is stern.   

I hear the whir of the vibrator, and groan as it dances over my clit. He inches it inside my cunt, and again I’m unable to maintain my composure, pushing myself against the device. The paddle lands harder this time, twice on each cheek, the sharp sting counterbalanced by the vibrator running over my clit again. He slides his tongue over the bud of my ass as he plunges the vibrator deep inside my cunt. I feel my pussy muscles start to contract.

“Fuck, you’re going to make me cum,” I say, my breath ragged.

“Nah uh,” he says and withdraws the vibrator.

It goes silent and I feel his tongue dart inside my cunt, as his thumb pushes inside my anus.

“Oh God,” I say, and feel my orgasm rising once more. But he senses it and withdraws his thumb and tongue.

I whimper.

“Please…” I say. He drops soft kisses on my ass, giving me a few moments to cool, then slips his fingers inside my pussy.

“Fuck, your wet,” he says. And I am, my juices flowing over onto my thighs.

He rubs his cock over the flesh of my ass to let me know how hard he is. I moan.

“Please…” I say again.

“Please, what?” he says.

“Please fuck me.” My voice is raspy.

“Fuck you?” he questions, taunting. He glides his cock over the opening of my cunt, then up over my clit, rubbing it with the head of his dick. I want him inside me so bad I could weep. I arch up my ass, again, unable to help myself. He grabs me by the hair and the paddle sounds smartly against my ass.

“Don’t move,” he commands, but I can hear his voice is hoarse with his own desire. Still gripping my hair, he plunges his hard cock deep inside my cunt and I gasp.

“Oh God,” I groan.

He starts to fuck me, hard, rubbing my clit with his finger as he plunges his dick in and out of my wet pussy. He’s thrusting fast and deep inside me, the table shaking with his gyrations. He’s clutching at my hair, holding me down.

“Please,” I cry out.

He slows, and I can  hear his breath is short.

“Please, what?”

“Please let me cum on your cock.”

He inhales sharply, but simply says, “you may cum now.”

He fucks me furiously, the table rattling, his groans and mines comingling into one animal noise. He’s hitting my g-spot and I can feel the wave of my orgasm begin to crescendo. The wave surges through me and I cum harder than I ever have in my life. I scream as the wave breaks over my body, my thighs and pussy trembling with its force.

He‘s still thrusting inside me, cries out, “oh fuck,” and I can feel his cock swell, his cum bursting through my cunt.

He plunges inside me once more, and withdraws. He loosens the knots in the scarves and I roll over to look up at him. His face is flushed, pupils dilated.

He grins at me, says, “told you I’d make you scream.”

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