Fantasy Friday: The Seduction of Sara Sanchez

Fantasy Friday: The Seduction of Sara Sanchez

By Willow Monroe on February 03, 2012

Ok. Let me get one thing straight before I continue. I’m not a dyke. I love the dick-swinging portion of our species beyond reason. Some might even say I’m a bit of a whore, but I don’t care.  Seriously. I heart cock, and I can’t see anything ever changing that. But I’m beginning to think I’m not exactly 100% hetero either. When it comes to Sara Sanchez, you could say my feelings aren’t exactly platonic. All right! So, I have a crush. But Sara is something else. Not at all like other girls on campus or even on our cheer squad, the Tigers. No. Sara is in another league entirely.  It’s not just that she’s hot, though she totally is. There’s more to it than that. Sara just has this raw sexuality about her, a kind of confidence most of my gal pals only pretend to possess. Sara’s just got it, no doubt about it. So, when she invited me to her dorm room to check out her new bikini for the annual frosh week, Wet and Wild games, I was stoked.

When I entered her dorm, Sara quickly closed and locked the door behind us. She was wearing this silky black robe that barely covered her ass. Her dark hair hung below her shoulders

“Where’s Jenny?” I asked, noticing Sara’s roomie was nowhere in sight.

“Oh, she’s out,” Sara said. “So, tell me what you think of this little number.” Sara parted the satin flaps of her robe and revealed the skimpiest tiger-print bikini imaginable. I mean, the essentials were covered, but just barely.

“Wow,” I said. “Smoking!”

Sara grinned at me, and twirled, giving me ample opportunity to admire her curves.  I couldn’t decide what I admired most about her. Was it her perky, apple bottom? Her long, sculpted legs? Or her  ample, lush boobs. Definitely the boobs, I decided.  

“The boys will love it,” I added. 

“Fuck the boys,” she said, her eyes gleaming with mischief. “Boys are easy. It’s the girls you gotta work it for.”  Sara pouted seductively and shimmied her shoulders. Her breasts jiggled, and she laughed. “But they’re bitches, all of them. Do you know what Jenny asked me the other day? She asked me if my tits are real. I almost slapped her.”

“What a cunt,” I said. Secretly though, I’d wondered the same. In my defense, Sara did seem rather petite to be carrying such a heavy load in front.

“I mean, feel these babies! 100% au naturel.” Sara impulsively grabbed my hand and placed it on her left breast. What can I say? It was like I was suddenly transported into boob heaven. I almost moaned, but kept myself in check. I palmed Sara’s breast and gingerly squeezed to confirm what nature gave her.

“Entirely authentic,” I said, my voice a little husky.  I didn’t move my hand. Instead, I slid my fingers under the tiny triangular cloth and caressed the nipple underneath. Sara closed her eyes and tilted back her head. The air around us suddenly felt dense and I felt my panties dampen with excitement.  I placed my other hand on her right breast, and pushed the bikini triangle to the side. I allowed my hand to roam over her olive-hued orb. Her nipple tightened as I tweaked it and Sara let out the sexiest little whimper.  Her eyes were still closed and I gently moved her hair behind her shoulders.  I undid the strings of her bikini top and it fell to the floor.

Sara looked at me with her hazel eyes. I waited a moment, half expecting her to freak on me, but she didn’t. Instead she put one arm around my waist and pulled me towards her. Her mouth moved towards mine, and she brushed the tip of her tongue against my lips. I kissed her then. I mean, really kissed her, my tongue exploring the inside of her mouth. She tasted like strawberries. My hands, almost of their own volition, reached again for her breasts. They felt soft and full under my fingers.

Sara removed her robe, and her bikini bottoms, then guided me towards her bed. She lounged seductively, staring up at me, daring me with her eyes to join her. I didn’t hesitate. I removed my shorts, varsity t-shirt, bra, and panties in a series of quick movements. Then I stood there, giving Sara a chance to appreciate my own curves. Where she was dark, I was fair, my skin pale, hair golden. And though my body wasn’t as spectacular as hers, I knew I was hot enough, and that Sara had a thing for blondes.

I lay beside her on the bed and started kissing her again. She sighed as my tongue glided down the side of her neck, inching towards her clavicle, and lower, towards her cleavage. When my lips closed over her nipple, Sara groaned.

I gently nibbled at her tit, as my hand caressed her flat belly, then dipped towards her vulva. She was clean shaven, not a hair anywhere on her mound. My pinky traced the outline of her labia, then dipped inside her crevice. She was wet, her juices overflowing. As my tongue circled her aureole, I plunged two fingers inside her. Sara’s breath was strained and thrusted her pelvis to meet the plunging of my fingers.

I needed to taste her pussy then, couldn’t wait another moment, and I removed my fingers from inside her and put them in my mouth. The smell of her sex was intoxicating. I inched down the length of her torso with lips, teeth and tongue, till I was breathing on her swollen clit. I flicked my tongue over the bud of her cunt and she gasped. I looked at her once more, afraid that she might change her mind. But Sara’s eyes were closed, and her cheeks flushed.

When my lips met Sara’s cunt again it was with determination. I wanted her to cum on my face so bad. I sucked, flicked, and twirled Sara’s clit with my mouth. My fingers slipped back inside her as my tongue lapped. Oh, but Sara was sweet, and musky, and tight. She pushed her cunt up to meet my mouth and fingers. She writhed beneath me, groaning exquisitely.  When at last her body shook with orgasm, she grabbed at my hair, holding me close to her as she came.

I gave her a moment, then raised my head to meet her gaze. Her eyes were clouded and dreamy. I licked her juices off my lips and sighed with satisfaction, then lay beside her. I held her close to me, her head resting against my chest.  We were still for a while, caressing each other softly, then Sara smiled at me.

“And now, it’s your turn cum,” she said, and proceeded to make sure I did just that.  

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