Fetish Friday: Schoolgirls

Fetish Friday: Schoolgirls

By Randall Vicks on July 26, 2013

Now, it may shock some of you to learn this, but I never actually attended any all-girl schools. Like many pervs before me, I went to an underfunded public school that never had a uniform. And yet, despite never having been exposed to the whole 'schoolgirl' look during high school, I'm still super into it. There's just something about the skirt, the socks, and that little hint of midriff that just make me start to get warm and tingly down in the nethers. I kinda expected it to fade away as I got older, but no, I'm still every bit the horny bastard I always was. Now that it's my job to perv out, though, it's no longer something I have to worry about. So in the spirit of embracing my inner horny teenager, I present to you five of the greatest schoolgirl scenes ever produced. No permission slips required.

Raven Bay and Rikki Six in "Duel Intentions" (NSFW)


Veronica Vice in "The Titty Tower" (NSFW)


Alexis Monroe in "Good Girl, Big Boobs" (NSFW)


Ivana Sugar in "Euro Squirt Master" (NSFW)


Riley Reid and Maddy Oreilly in "Going Rough on the Muff" (NSFW)


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