Fetish Fridays: Femdom, AKA Female Domination

Fetish Fridays: Femdom, AKA Female Domination

By Randall Vicks on August 02, 2013

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love a woman who knows how to take charge. If you've never been in bed with a woman that knew what she wanted and exactly how to get it, its an experience I can't recommend highly enough. That is, more or less, the appeal behind femdom, or female domination, if you want to be long-winded about it. There's just no denying that when a hot lady, preferably dressed in something leather and skimpy, gives you a sexy order, it's way better than when she asks politely. Sexiness and politeness don't really go together, you know? So that's why I've gone to the trouble of assembling these five videos for you guys. Maybe some of you would consider yourself fetishists, maybe not, but after you watch these videos, hopefully you've got a better idea of what makes assertive women so dang hot.

Ashley Graham in the She's Gonna Squirt scene, "Secret Society" (NSFW)


Kerry Louise in the Brazzers Vault scene, "How To Handle Your Students: 101" (NSFW)


Tessa Lane in the Baby Got Boobs scene, "Author Erotic" (NSFW)


Maxine X in the MILFs Like it Big scene, "Maxine X: Dominatrix" (NSFW)


Krissy Lynn in the Real Wife Stories scene, "Krissy's Little Kink" (NSFW)


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