Flying Rubbers In L.A.

Flying Rubbers In L.A.

By Willow Monroe on January 04, 2012

Sheathed or unsheathed? That’s the question on the street today in Porn Town. In one camp you have the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and their supporters chanting  “rubbers for film-fuckers.”  In the camp across the road you have the  L.A. City Attorney’s Office tauntingly flinging their bare cocks in the pallid faces of the AHF’s ballot and its supporters.  Okay. Not really. But kind of. The AHF wants to instate a measure that would mandate that male porn stars have to wear condoms on set as a way to monitor the spread of STDs. Of course, under the mandate porn producers would have to obtain health permits and pay fees to offset the cost of enforcement. Uh-huh….The Attorney’s Office ain’t so keen and has already filed a lawsuit against the initiative. And really, aren’t all health concerns and the regulation of safety in the work place a matter for the state and not the county to monitor?

If the San Fernando Valley were a woman she’d be busty, slutty, blonde, and glittery-eyed. She parts her legs just northwest of the Los Angeles Basin and is the slick center of  a multi-billion dollar adult entertainment industry. The scent of silicone and Ben Franklins hangs over her thicker than L.A. smog. Since the 1970’s San Fernando has been the hub of the porn engine gyrating in the U.S. Today, it is estimated that 90% of all legally distributed smut is produced in Porn Town.  So, really, it’s surprising that politicos looking to line their pockets haven’t violated our golden-pubed princess sooner. Fern has got the goodies and political campaigns need to get paid for, damn it!

How else to explain the clownery  of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)? Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all about safe sex. STDS are the antithesis of awesome. Duh! But here’s the thing folks; safe sex is already practiced on the sets of most adult movies. That’s right. Health checks are absolutely required from the talent and filming will not begin these checks have been completed. It’s simply good business sense on the part of the big-time producers who work in the good old U-Sue-A. None of these guys want to put themselves or their wallets in line to get prosecuted. Given these facts, the true agenda of the AHF in pushing forward a measure that would decree male porn actors wear condoms, seems like little more than a few greedy gents trying to get their fingers in Fern’s honey pot. I say, get your own honey pot, boys.

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