Fucking in the Doctor’s Office

Fucking in the Doctor’s Office

By Alpha Harlot on November 12, 2012

Back when I was slutting around, I knew which guy in my stable I liked best by who I would invite to come with me to the doctor's office to get our STD tests done together.  It's a unique bonding experience to get tested with someone. It's like taking a step forward in a fuck buddy relationship for me.  Boys who got to come always had a doctor's office fantasy fulfilled.

The doctor that I go to for my STD screening is infamously always running behind schedule.

You'll sit in the waiting room for an hour before you're brought into the examination room to sit for another hour to see the actual doctor for the test.

I don't mind though because that always leaves plenty of time for teasing.

The first time I tried to have a sexual adventure in my doctor's office, it started with me rubbing my fuck buddy’s lap under the coat that he had strategically placed.  His cock was soft and he was surprised when I started running my finger around the bulge of his balls.  He raised his eyebrow at me and settled back in his chair to enjoy his cock massage while we were waiting. 

When we finally got called into the examination room, he jumped on me as soon as the nurse closed the door and said that someone would be, “right with us.” She was a liar. It was going to be awhile and we were both going to cum.

He pushed my face down into the examination table and bent me over.  He flipped my shirt up over my ass and pushed my panties to the side while he unzipped his pants and pulled a condom out of his pocket.

My pussy was so wet that he slipped right in, balls deep and just sat there for a second.  I could feel his cock throbbing. 

“Please fuck me,” I begged, leaning my head back. 

He grabbed my hair and pulled as I arched my back while he pounded his cock a bit too fast for his own good it seemed.  After three minutes of fucking, he was spewing his jizz into the latex sack wrapped around his dick.

I sat down with my legs spread on the table and said, “you owe me an orgasm, buddy.”

He stood next to me and ran his fingers through my hair to get a bit of a grip. 

Just as he popped his fingers in my pussy and found my g-spot, the door opened and the doctor came in.

“Figures,” I said and he turned around, embarrassed that he had been caught. “You're totally banging me in the car before we go home.”

The doctor winked. 

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