Funny Video: Craigslist Personal Ad Campaign

Funny Video: Craigslist Personal Ad Campaign

By Miles Holden on November 02, 2011

OkCupid and eHarmony are great sites if you want to meet the love of your life or date a few dozen people while you’re pretending to look for the love of your life when really all you want to do is get laid, but they lack a little je ne sais quoi, mainly the ability to sell you a mountain bike AND hook you up with the perfect bottom on a lonely Thursday afternoon.

Online dating is so mainstream that everyone’s cousin’s sister’s best-friend married a guy she met online, but I remember the days when a profile on Lavalife would guarantee messages in your inbox like: “How about I drop by your place and pick you up in my Jeep and we score some blow and have crazy animalistic sex in a sleazy motel?!”

I kept telling my landlord I was a ladies man, but my sense of interior décor and my collection of Christian Bale DVDs confused the hell out of him, so he kept asking. God, I can’t tell you how many times I had to tell him I wasn’t interested in going on a coke binge.

Nowadays, though, most dating sites are actually for, ya know, dating, but there’s one place you can still go when all you want to do is get freaky with someone or want a twenty-dollar blow job on a Tuesday night without ever leaving the house: Craigslist.

Craigslist is indeed the place to go where you can find anything, even a friend. A friend willing to let you defecate on their bare chest if that’s what you’re into. Let’s face it, for some people finding a partner that will let you enter through their back door is higher on their list of dating criteria than the kind of music their prospective mates listen to.

I’d rather date a girl that gives good head than someone who listens to Miles Davis, but I draw the line at Creed fans. Ok, that’s not true. I might fuck someone who isn’t a Miles Davis fan, but I don’t think I could date them. I mean, a man has to have standards.

However unlikely, if you’ve never taken a peak at Craigslist casual sex category (you don’t know what you’re missing), take a look at this funny video made by the dudes and dudettes behind, Brooklyn based, POYKPAC Comedy and you’ll finally understand why some “night that one point of compatibility is the only one that matters.”


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