Funny Video: Sex With Cute Sheep May Get Your Arrested

Funny Video: Sex With Cute Sheep May Get Your Arrested

By Miles Holden on October 17, 2011



There you are minding your own business, just surfing the net (do people still say that?) looking for the perfect apple crisp recipe or something.  And suddenly you find yourself following the Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit of links that brings you somewhere you never knew existed before, and you find yourself watching a video that just blows your freakin’ mind.

Bestiality is one of the last remaining sexual taboos and isn’t exactly a new concept. It usually raises a few eyebrows when brought up in decent company, but I remember back when the Internet began to find its way into everyone’s homes and the first thing teenagers around the world did was look up the most disturbing things they could think of. Gore and weird fetish porn were on the top of that list.

There are some things you can never un-see once they’ve been imprinted on your brain, so you have to be careful what links you open. Let’s just say, I can never quite look at a dog or a horse with innocent eyes anymore. Not after seeing some woman being ravaged by them.

Thankfully (hopefully), this video isn’t one of those instances. Actually, without giving too much away, this vid is actually safe for work. Although you might want to avoid emailing it to your boss depending on what kind of relationship you have with them. The bestiality in this vid might only be implied as opposed to graphic, but there are some doors you don’t want to open with your employer, especially if they own a German Shepard.

On second thought, avoid sending this video to anyone who lives with or works around dogs and sheep, you wouldn’t want to confuse any really fragile minds out there. The next thing you’ll know, the proverbial black sheep of the family will get himself arrested at the nearest local farm for getting a little too friendly with his four legged namesake, and that would make for a really awkward family reunion.

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