Getting Laid is Easier and Cheaper than it Used to Be

Getting Laid is Easier and Cheaper than it Used to Be

By Miles Holden on September 28, 2011

Academics have gone on the record to say that the “price” of sex – in a non-back-alley-hooker kind of way – is available at quite the discount these days.

Kathleen Vohs, from the University of Minnesota, who writes extensively about sexual economics explains to us layman (pun intended) that sexual economics are all about how much money you have to shell out to wine and dine your way into a ladies pants. It could be anything from a diamond engagement ring to 3$ meal at McDonalds.

Who said love was dead? Vohs and her contemporaries did.

According to Vohs and other researchers in the same field, it used to take a hell of a lot more to get laid in the days of yore. You had to actually court a lady before she let you anywhere near her well-guarded bits.

Nowadays, courtship has mostly gone out the window and more and more people are engaging in casual sexual relationships, which means that the man doesn’t have to spend that much money when it comes to sex, because the need for expensive dinners, flowers and chocolates has gone out the window.

If you treat sex like a marketplace, new dating rituals like online dating sites have made it easier to get your piece of cherry pie and eat it too. All this can be had without having to commit yourself to the other person emotionally and financially through marriage or any other conventional means.  It’s become much easier to move onto the next piece of pie before actually having to invest in the other person.

Sex is more readily available than it used to be (thank you woman’s lib).

“As a result, men are quicker to have sex in our relationships these days, slower to commitment, and just plain pickier." Says University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus

Forgoing an actual commitment in these trying economic times in exchange for repeat casual encounters where a single need can be met over and over again without a lot of effort or investment (i.e. marriage being the ultimate price to pay for sex).

I don’t know if I buy all this. What happened to getting married just because you want to or getting laid just because you want to? I think all this can be explained by the fact that the Church has less of an influence in our lives and its okay to be sexually liberated, because you won’t go straight to hell for it.

The increase in casual sex without the need to somehow pay for it is just a consequence of a more liberated view when it comes to sexuality. Women (for the most part) are no longer treated like whores just for fulfilling their sexual needs before marriage. Sexual liberation just means that we can do want we want with who wants it without paying a price. That’s all it is folks. There’s no reason to hold back anymore.

Love isn’t dead after all. Sexual economics be damned. We can have it all if we want.

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