Getting Pussy and Robbery Don’t Mix

Getting Pussy and Robbery Don’t Mix

By Alpha Harlot on May 02, 2012

You can meet your next lover anywhere, not just in the usual pickup joints. It's all a matter of your approach and if the person that you are hitting on is open to having a conversation.

I was on a bus headed into New York City once when a tall black man got on board and politely asked if he could take the seat next to me. His smile was what got me interested in him as I moved my bag to the window to make room for him to sit down. 

 We talked and laughed for the remainder of the twenty minute bus ride and when we got off at Port Authority, he asked if he could buy me a cup of coffee.  It's very hard for me to resist a cup of coffee with an interesting stranger and I was in no rush, so I said yes.

As we were walking with each other, some cock-blocking jerk pickpocket bumped into my handsome dark stranger and grabbed his wallet. My new friend noticed immediately and started running after the thief, screaming for someone to help him to stop the thief.  I'm not sure if he ever caught him, I waited for a half hour at the coffee shop we were headed to and he never came back for me. 

 In a different twist on a robbery/ love story that never was; a twenty-six year old man from Pittsburgh named John Jardini, was accused of robbing $60 from a young woman who was waiting by a bus stop for her mother. Jardini decided that money wasn't enough though.  He asked the woman for her phone number and punched it into his phone. How are you going to rob a woman and then expect her to say, “Yeah, sure, I'm into bad boys, especially when they're upfront about draining my bank account?"

 That's just dumb.

 Jardini called the woman twice and she reported it to the police.  The cops got a warrant for his phone records but just as they were closing in on his location, Jardini ran into the woman and her mother again in a super market. Stalker much?

 The police were called again and Jardini was arrested on the spot.

 The moral of the story is, don't rob people of their money and expect them to give you some pussy. 

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