Gigolos Coming to a Television Near You

Gigolos Coming to a Television Near You

By Jacob Carson on April 18, 2011

Many a porn star has earned a little extra coin doing some one-on-one performances at the famed Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Sex and legalized prostitution is a Nevada staple everywhere except the city of lights herself, Las Vegas.

You can strut your stuff and sleep with a transgender Elvis, but just don’t take any money for it. That’s what has a new HBO “reality” show get in hot water. The show is called “Gigolos” and follows the sexual exploits of a group of male escorts.

They go out and have fun with women and likely end up in bed with more than a few. The problem comes when money changes hands, and that has some Las Vegas Police officials calling foul. Just as any talk show you’ve seen where a hillbilly tells the world that he is having sex with a “16-yer-ols,” the cops are listening and they have no problem using the footage to put his ass in jail.

So the real question is for the police, how much of this “reality show” is actually reality. A disclaimer on the show states that none of the men received money for sexual favors, but the city’s vice division will keep a close eye on the show and be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

The audience will not visibly see the men receive money and this may provide some leeway, or, there’s always the chance it could all be staged and nothing illegal is actually going on. Either way, don’t be surprised if “Gigolos” ends up on a special episode of COPS.

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