Google Glitch lists New York Address as Porn Site

Google Glitch lists New York Address as Porn Site

By Jacob Carson on January 07, 2011

A Google Maps glitch  has been showing the address of a barren street corner in New York as the home of a porn site…Not a porn company, but an actual adult website. Apparently, Google Maps not only uses data created and derived from Google, but also from user generated data…Yeah, bad idea.

Generated data allows the users to change business names, phone numbers etc., which for some reason Google didn’t think this was eventually going to be abused by someone and with New York's sheer population density, they have quite a few user contributors.

 I doubt if someone associated with the adult site actually perpetrated the ruse, but it makes you wonder how many other streets and addresses have gag or advertising addresses.  Somewhere there is a Balls Avenue and a store called The Teabag and at Richard Avenue and on Johnson Street sits a restaurant called The Mushroom Head.... Endless possibilites people.... At the corner of Oral Avenue and Fourplay street is a job placement facility specifically for heating and cooling professionals called The Blow Job. I could so do this all day.

Maybe there is still hope for me finding Big Titty Street, but something tells me the actual street won’t be nearly as exciting as the one that I have conjured up in my head. Thank goodness for Googles sheer mammothness that allows for these kinds of glitches that bring a little humor to the digital world.

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