Gordon Ramsay Midget Look-Alike Found Dead

Gordon Ramsay Midget Look-Alike Found Dead

By Richard Johnson on September 14, 2011

Let’s all take a moment of silence for the passing for one of porn’s greatest could-have-beens.   Percy Foster, 35, was found near a village in west Wales dead of as yet unknown causes.  Foster was just getting his start as a celebrity look alike porn star dwarf for his uncanny resemblance to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey.

 Authorities for the Ministry of Agriculture discovered Percy’s body outside Tregaron in west Wales.  The Ministry officials were exploring a badger den, preparing to exterminate the badgers when they discovered Percy’s half eaten body wedged inside one of the badger’s tunnels. 

 Officials have not announced the cause of death just yet, and they aren’t ruling out suicide, but wedging yourself inside a badger tunnel to be eaten alive seems like an unlikely way to commit suicide, but what do I know.  One of Percy’s coworkers claimed he was “under pressure 24/7”, could all that pressure crushed the little guy under tons of earth?

Reports claim that, in an interview a few weeks before his death, percy claime dthta being a midget-porn-look-alike was the most lucrative avenue a pornstar could undertake. "I've already ordered a new BMW" claimed Foster.

 As a huge fan of the abrasive foul mouthed Gordon Ramsey, I’m excited to learn he has/had a porn star look alike.  Between Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, and Kitchen Nightmares there is more than ample fodder for unlimited porn parodies.  Sometimes though life is just too weird to make this shit up.  Hopefully we’ll have the chance to see some of Foster's acting chops in a few Ramsey impersonations, but clearly the life of the 3’6” dwarf was cut short too early thanks to an overzealous badger.

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