Hack Job: Homemade Sex Change Gone Awry

Hack Job: Homemade Sex Change Gone Awry

By Ron Ecstasy on September 29, 2011

Drunk and alone in his home, contemplating his manhood and how he resented it, Krisy Cass acted a little bit rash. He went to his tool box and got a box-cutter and hacked his dick right off. After drinking what he describes as “a few beers”,  performing a brutally home-done sex change seemed like a decent idea. Though Cass, would later agree with the rest of the world that there are better ways of going about getting a gender switch.

After two minutes that seemed like hours Cass was beginning to lose a lot of blood, but he’d finally hacked through his penis with the flimsy blade.

"The pain was unbelievable. It took a couple of minutes of cutting before I realized the danger then I grabbed a hankie to stem the bleeding and dialed 999." Said Cass in a later interview.

The impetus for this halfhazard operation? Cass didn’t simply decide to lop off his dick on a whim. He’d been experimenting with cross dressing and other trappings of transvestite lifestyle for a while. His wife was even supportive of his initial attempts to feel like a lady. While he was drunk during the “operation” Cass admits it was a culmination of sorts.

"I had a few beers, looked down and thought 'that shouldn't be there' so I got a Stanley knife out of my toolbox and just started hacking away.

A long way from the hack-surgery he performed on himself, the former Andy Cass is now Krisy, and is all the happier for it. She takes a cocktail of drugs to suppress male hormones and is eagerly awaiting full gender re-assignment.

Add gender re-assignment to the long list of things that are better not done at home; tattoos, piercings, amputations etc. I for one am glad that Cass made it through to the other side and is able to live a productive life. His story could have easily been fodder for the tabloids. For the Sussex father, dying in a bloody dick amputation would but him up there with the Carradines and Percys of the world. Not that dying in a badger den is embarrassing or anything.

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