Hand Cuff Disaster

Hand Cuff Disaster

By Alpha Harlot on April 02, 2012

Fuzzy handcuffs are like a gateway drug into the kinky world.   There are different colors and patterns to satisfy everyone's visual tastes and the word “fuzzy” makes them seem more like unintimidating bracelets and less like a bondage device.

When I was working at the porn shop, there would be no less than five couples a weekend coming in to buy a pair.  We had one woman who came in a few times to buy a pair that matched her dress.  Every once in awhile, someone would come up to the counter and ask if we had any “real” handcuffs for sale, not just the fuzzy kind.  I'd grab the black box from the bottom shelf of the display case and pull out the shiny silver steel cuffs from their packaging.

Before I'd hand them over to the customer to test out, I'd click the cuffs closed and then try the key.  I'd explain to the customers that one of my well-practiced BDSM friends taught me a long time ago that whenever you pull out a pair of handcuffs, no matter how reliable you think they are, always try the key to make sure that it works. The wrong time to find out that you don't have the right key to a set of handcuffs is after they've been locked around someone's body. 

On March 29th a man from Orange, Connecticut found out this life lesson the hard way.  The staff of an adult video store had to contact first the fire department and then the police when a customer locked himself into a pair of steel cuffs.  Both the customer and the staff tried quite a few keys but they  couldn't unlock them.

Emergency Services eventually had to cut him out of the police grade restraints with a set of bolt cutters.  

I think that I would be terrified if someone was moving towards my wrists with a set of bolt cutters. That's one of the reasons that I prefer using a bit of rope when I'm in the mood for bondage. Easier on the wrists and much easier to get out of in case of emergencies. 

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