Happy New Year: Resolutions and Kisses

Happy New Year: Resolutions and Kisses

By Willow Monroe on January 03, 2012

Happy New Year and a warm welcome to 2012. Here we are. We made it through the holiday debauchery of turkey dinners, fruit cake, candy canes, and finally arrived. Despite the grumblings of them dooms-dayers and naysayers, I predict that this next circling of the sun ‘round our blue planet will be entirely awesome. How could it not be?  This year begins with me, Willow Monroe, joining the ZZinsider team!

The most important things to know about me right now are that I love porn and I love words (not sure which gets me hottest). Bring the two together and, voila, Willow becomes one perky and pleased damsel!  As you can guess, this is something of a dream job for me. I mean, I would  gladly surf the net keeping up with the coolest and craziest boys and gals in porn for free. I would happily pen provocative, erotic, and hedonist prose for a handful of crackers. Getting paid to be here is much like finding a hundred dollar bill in a suitcase stuffed with rubies and diamonds. The cash is nice but it doesn’t shimmer quite as brightly as the rest of what’s inside.

I’m stoked and entirely sparkling with enthusiasm to be bringing you the latest and greatest adult content on the web. I’m stretching out my tentacles and am so, so ready to dig in. And though I’m not much for resolutions, I would like to put forth the following to all my fellow porn-hounds here at ZZinsider and at Brazzers: I promise you guys that 2012 will be the steamiest, sexiest, funniest, and most entertaining and innovative year at ZZinsider to date.  Stay tuned kids!




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