Helen Mirren’s Magical Boobs – Then & Now

Helen Mirren’s Magical Boobs – Then & Now

By Miles Holden on March 14, 2012

I love Helen Mirren. She's a classy dame, but she's also sexy, and has this air of "I don't give a damn" about her, while simultaneously looking as sweet as a kitten. However, I bet you would rue the day you ever crossed her. Basically, she's the perfect woman: comfortable in her own beautiful skin, smart, funny, and kind of kick ass.

She might be sixty-six years-old, but she's not afraid to flaunt it, and unlike many of her contemporaries she knows how to age with grace and style.


Helen Mirren was already "old" when she crossed my radar, so I didn't have the pleasure of seeing her earlier sex kitten roles that made her a household name in the UK and across the pond (you know, here), but thanks to the magic of the Internet and YouTube those images and clips still exist for us to peruse and get-off to.

What can I say, the dame had a great set of tits?!  I'm a fan and an Internet perv. I could probably get off to pics of a young Betty White if the mood was right. I was a film major too, so clips from such avant-guard beauties like Herostratus (1967), directed by experimental filmmaker Don Levy, don’t actually bore me to death. Sure, it’s tits, but it’s also art.


Nobody watches Saturday Night Live anymore, unless you're boring and have nothing better to do with your life (i.e. me), but if you did catch the episode Helen Mirren hosted a little while back, you would love her just like I do. Why? Because her tits are magic, they're like heaven, and any woman who would let her tits be fondled by a group of comedians for the sake of comedy wins huge points in my book.

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