History of the Word: Cunnilingus

History of the Word: Cunnilingus

By Olive Day on July 20, 2011

Cunnilingus - Noun

The act or practice of orally stimulating the female genitals with the mouth, lips and tongue. 

The word Cunnilingus comes from the Latin word for the vulva, cunnus combined with the Latin word for tongue, lingua.

While this sexual act had not been widely talked about in western society until recently, this sexual act can be traced back to an esteemed act in ancient Taoism. If you are not familiar with the Taoist culture, their basic intention is to achieve immortality or longevity of life. And, with the loss of semen, vaginal and other bodily liquids, they had believed that it brought about a resultant loss of energy. This led them to believe that by the act of retaining semen or ingesting vaginal fluids, a Taoist can conserve or increase his or her chi.

Some even believe that the act of cunnilingus can be traced back to the bible! According to religious historians, verse 7:2 in the King James Version of The Song of Solomon may contain an implied reference to the sexual act although many editions now use the word Navel instead of vulva.

Hell's Angels are also famous for performing cunnilingus on menstruating women. A Hells Angel whose colors include red wings indicates that he has performed cunnilingus on a woman who was having her period at the time or black wings for performing cunnilingus on a black woman… At least that’s what I’ve read. 

Slang Words: Muff diving, eating out, French job, eating pussy, you’re a cunning linguist James Bond, lip service, rug muncher.

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