Hugh Hefner Left at the Altar by Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner Left at the Altar by Crystal Harris

By Miles Holden on June 16, 2011

The Playboy App with Crystal Harris from Crystal Harris

Ok, so he wasn’t exactly left standing at the altar, but five days before the big day is close enough in my books. The ex-future Mrs. Heffner aka Crystal Harris called off the wedding the day before her, what I can only assume crappy, single “Club Queen” dropped at midnight. While Crystal was tweeting her fans letting them have a sneak peek at her new (barf) song, Hef was announcing to all his twitter fans that the wedding was off, because “Crystal had a change of heart”.

The next Playboy issue, which hasn’t yet hit the stands, introduces the next Mrs. Heffner to the world. Marrying Hef is a pretty genius way to get the cover of Playboy. Leaving him after it’s too late to call back the mag and before you actually have to tie the knot is simply Machiavellian.

Crystal’s twitter fans have jumped at the chance to comfort the runaway bride, while Hef was left to bury is head in the comforting bosoms of his ex-girlfriend and ex-wife. Sure, Hef isn’t exactly to be pitied when it comes to finding ladies to fill his bed, but he was the one that was left at the altar! Where’s all the sympathy for Hef? The guy is getting older it’s not like he can keep this up forever. Crystal might have been his last chance at eternal happiness.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven like a marketing ploy to me. I hope Crystal’s fifteen minutes of fame was worth all the trouble of going through the sham of a wedding. Hef, doesn’t seem too bothered by it though, so who am I to judge, he has to know that at his age his money and fame are what attract the ladies to his bed. I bet all the gold-diggers in the world rue the day that Viagra was invented. Long gone are the days of just looking pretty and waiting for your 80 year old beau to die. Now, all the greedy little vixens actually have to deal with four hour erections.

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