Hungarian Politics Rife with Pornstars

Hungarian Politics Rife with Pornstars

By Richard Johnson on October 03, 2011

The Zoltan Cowboy rides again, this time right out of office.  Zoltan Kabai, the leader of a chapter of the Hungarian right wing party Jobbik has resigned after his political rivals unmasked his decades long porn career.

 Kabai’s porn career was public knowledge.  He previously admitted to being a porn-star in his youth, but local porn producer Istvan Kovacs  stated in his recent autobiography that Kabai was one of his main male acts through much of the 90’s.  Kovacs also revealed that Kabai last appeared in a porn in 2009, and last had sex on camera in 2007.

 Evidently Hungarian Jobbik party leaders didn’t feel that 2009 constituted his “younger years”.  So the porn star with over 80 titles under his belt is no longer a mid-level Hungarian politician.  Nor is Honey Lovely another Jobbik party member that was outed as a porn star before being dropped by the party leaders last year.  Only weeks before kicking the Zoltan Cowboy to the curb, party leaders were busy distancing themselves from yet another party member that also had a porn star past with over 150 credits to her name.

 The Jobbik party embraces a variety of right wing issues.  From immigration to crime to nationalism and Christian family values, the Jobbik party is the poster child for conservatism.  Being rocked by multiple scandals as porn stars are continually found in their ranks is nothing short of amusing. 

 Speaking of Christian family values, CNN released an interesting tidbit of information recently.  Apparently Christian kids, the same ones that pledge allegiance to abstinence and march in the streets opposing birth control end up being only slightly less likely than the average non-fanatical religious nutcase to have premarital sex.  The average 18-29 year old has an 88% chance of having sex before marriage, while the Christian youth has an 80% chance. 

 Evidently it’s all about age and changing cultural norms.  When the pope ruled the world, people got married when they were 13 leaving few opportunities to get wet and wild before marriage.  These days people aren’t getting married until they in their late 20’s or early 30’s and staying a virgin for 30 years just isn’t in the cards for most people abstinence ring or not.

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