Ira Glass Sex Tape

Ira Glass Sex Tape

By Miles Holden on October 18, 2011



The world’s most unlikely sex tape has surfaced. Ira Glass, host of NPR show This American Life, gets dirty On Air with Terry Gross, or so you would think. It’s actually a very well done parody.

A fan of Ira’s show, Julian Joslin, answered the question “If you had to come up with a celebrity least likely to have a sex tape, who would it be?” by putting together his own tape of Ira Glass and Terry Gross getting down and dirty.

Joslin did such a good job mimicking Ira’s voice that the man himself was impressed with the spot-on imitation:

"I've listened to about three minutes of it. His imitation of my writing and delivery are so dead-on, it was hard to keep listening and I stopped. If I had to articulate why, I think it was because hearing his version of me, made what I do on the air seem kind of dumb. And the impersonation was so good, I couldn't really pick a fight with it. So I had to decide, do I want to see myself as kind of trite and dumb? Seemed better to stop. Maybe I'll go back sometime."

I have to admit that the first time I heard the fake-sex tape that was heard around the world, I thought it was actually Ira Glass making fun of celebrities who gain fame through the timely art of sex tapes. I was wrong.

God knows how many hours of recordings Joslin had to sit through to get the necessary audio clips of Alex Bloomberg, Jonathan Goldstein and Terry Gross to make the holy grail of intellectual sex tapes a reality, but you have to admire his tenacity .  Also respect the mad voice skills it took to make fake-Ira Glass sound believable when he was reasoning out his preference for really loud sex: “Because otherwise I wouldn't be able to hear you over the sound of my own neurosis."

God job Joslin, good job. You pulled one over on me… I thought that was a pretty good reason to like loud sex, but maybe, just maybe, I couldn’t tell a parody for the real thing over the sound of my own neurosis.

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