Unsurprising News: Japan is Home to a Sex Resort with a Jurassic park Theme

Unsurprising News: Japan is Home to a Sex Resort with a Jurassic park Theme

By Olive Day on June 21, 2011

jp-hotel-1If you’re ever feeling frisky in Beppu, Japan, be sure to stop on by the Hotel Jazauruss which provides quality comfort at reasonable prices in a romantic Jurassic Park compound setting. Oh Japan, literally anything you do does not faze me in the slightest. While most of us would think that a Jurassic Park themed love hotel isn’t really sexy at all and kind of makes me feel like this was initially built for a rich 6 year old boy but was then repossessed, we can all agree that it’s better than a Human Centipede themed love hotel.

If you’re not familiar with a love hotel, it’s pretty much a pay by the hour hotel that you and your friend(s) can go to bone each other in peace. But in the case of Hotel Jazauruss, not only do you get a sweet compound like room to screw each other like T-Rexes; you also have a wonderful excuse to yell, “PRETEND I’M SAMUEL L. JACKSON AND TEAR MY ARMS OFF BABY!” or “FILL ME WITH YOUR GOLDEN AMBER AND IMPREGNATE MY DINO EMBRYOS.”


I don’t know. The more I think about it, the more I want to have sex here. I’d totally get wet if some dude whisked me away to Hotel Jazauruss, hell I’d even role play as a pterodactyl. According to the internet it’s only about $30 bucks for 90 minutes so it’s pretty affordable. Maybe I should try and convince Brazzers to shoot a couple of scenes there so I could do some ZZinsider exclusive on location behind the scenes interviews.

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