Jill Sanders Cheeky Perfume Ads

Jill Sanders Cheeky Perfume Ads

By Miles Holden on November 28, 2011

This just in: scantily clad women help sell things! Gasp! Who would have thought? Oh wait, everyone everywhere ever, but that doesn’t mean we’re sick of people using this gimmick to sell us stuff. We might never buy whatever they’re trying to sell, but we like looking at the pictures, don’t we?

Yes we do. We like it very much. We especially like it when ad exes push the limit between fashion photography and pornography. It’s the ultimate SFW ploy. No one’s ever going to bust you for looking through Vogue magazine at work, unless your boss is a homophobe and then you can just tell him you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for you wife. It’s doesn’t matter if you don’t have a wife, because your boss is an asshole and you can look at naked model ladies without getting canned for looking at porn at work.

It’s a win-win situation!

That’s why I love these Jill Sanders perfume ads. Take away the perfume and the glossy finish and I might as well be looking at a Penthouse photo shoot.

I know I said we can just look at the pictures without caring about the product , but the more and more I look at these pics the more I wonder what that perfume smells like and if my girlfriend would like. Actually, I think I want to buy this perfume just so I can convince her to do an impromptu modelling gig in her best lingerie in the privacy of our home.

Too bad this amazing girlfriend is imaginary. Maybe I could just spray some Jill Sanders perfume on a body pillow and pretend. I have a good imagination. I could just close my eyes and… Nope, not working. Ok, so that leaves me with no other alternative: I have just about a month to find a girlfriend, buy her the Jill Sanders perfume for Christmas, and convince her to pose nude with it. 

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