Justice May be Blind but Does It Still Gets Horny?

Justice May be Blind but Does It Still Gets Horny?

By Richard's POV on January 24, 2011

At least that is the question we at ZZinsider are asking ourselves after finding out that more porn for the blind will be available in 2011. You can imagine my shock when I saw the word "more" is coming available, considering I didn't even know porn for the blind was already available. Porn writer extraordinaire or not, what a sheltered life I live!

This is good news for our readers who were too frightened or embarrassed to come forward when I wrote about Sex Causes Blindess in November. Not to mention those of you suffering from scotomaphobia, which is the fear of going blind. Now you have one less phobia to worry about, such as the fear of not being able to find enough porn. That doesn't have a scientific name but it damn well should! Blind or sight seeing you'll be happy to know that even in the dark recesses of your mind porn will still be right at your finger tips. Literally in this case.

Ingeniously nick-named "Porn for the Blind," Lisa J. Murphy's book "Tactile Mind" was released last year containing 17 raised erotic images along with braille text. This year Murphy released four new images and is working on another book that will contain images of couples. Talk about your niche market.

It turns out that the process of creating raised genitalia is actually quite intensive. I thought that was weird because a penis is one of the lightest muscles considering it can be raised by a tongue. In Murphy's case though she says, "I took photographs of my friends in lingerie, blew up the images and hand-sculpted them into clay. Then I made thermoform copies. I ran the plastic myself through my thermoform machine at home, so each one took awhile to make." Murphy called the feedback from her fans an "eye-opening" experience. We would comment further on that statement but it's way too easy.

Be sure to tell all your sight seeing friends to check out ZZinsider.com and all of your blind friends to check out Murphy's book and website at http://tactilemindbook.com/.

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