Kansas Finally Gets it Right

Kansas Finally Gets it Right

By Jacob Carson on May 05, 2011

Strippers of the world unite! Kansas will remain a wet crotch state after a bill to severely limit adult entertainers died in committee and will likely not see the light of day.

Limp-dicked conservatives, in a state everyone forgot existed, tried to get a bill passed that would cripple adult entertainment industries by placing ridiculous limits and restrictions on the businesses. The bill would have limited the location and hours, banned complete nudity and created a no touch rule.

The bill stalled in the Senate and was sent to the Senate Federal and State Affairs committee, where it should have died a peaceful death. But the Republicans tried a last ditch attempt to get it out of committee and voted on the floor. Luckily for all, it failed.

Dorothy can slip those ruby slippers back on and slide down that pole to her hearts content. Legislators can now worry about obviously less important matters such as the hemorrhaging school system.

I drove through Kansas once and it was the most boring state except for the tornado…and yes, there really was a tornado. People need strip clubs and porn stores in Kansas otherwise they might actually realize they live in Kansas and jump into the next twister that comes along.

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