Keiran Lee Football Fanclub

Keiran Lee Football Fanclub

By Ron Ecstasy on November 03, 2011

Remember a couple of days ago when I said something along the lines of "everyone loves Kieran Lee? Well I said it and I was right and I'm probably the smartest porn blogger on earth. Even dudes who like the same football team (The Derby Country Football Club) as Keiran back home can't get enough of him. So much so that they've composed a very special and touching song for their former co-hooligan. Thankfully they included the lyrics to their chant, feel free to sing along in the middle of the office.

This one is so much less embarrassing than that last Keiran exclusive.


Sing Along Kids!

 Keiran Lee you'll hear us say,
Shagging birds in the U S A

He's on billboards, across the pond,
On, with his massive wand

He used to go...Derby, home and away

He's shagging birds in the U S A

Video provided by @dcfc_flagman 

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