Keiran’s World: Catch Me if You Can

Keiran’s World: Catch Me if You Can

By Ron Ecstasy on November 14, 2011

Legions of porn fans, soccer hooligans and sarcastic porn bloggers all have something in common. We love Keiran Lee! Now we can add a new member to the fan club, Wilfried Cartoon. Also known as Marcel Champion, WC is a big fan of Brazzers and ZZInsider. So when we started showing us these cool graphics of Keiran and Co., we knew we had to sign him up.

Marcel Champion may be a pseudonym, but his art is the real thing. Working in a comic book style, he produces some pretty zany mash-ups of porn, video game and graffiti imagery. You can check his work here if you like.

Down in the gallery you'll see WC's first comic strip for ZZ, "Keiran's World: Catch Me if You Can" is about the utter power of Keiran's man bits. Click on to see just how potent our resident stud can be.

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