Lesbian Picnic: The Sexploits of Alpha Harlot

Lesbian Picnic: The Sexploits of Alpha Harlot

By Alpha Harlot on May 16, 2012

Every spring, I try to have outdoor lesbian sex at least once. There's something super sexy about lady legs wrapped around each other on a picnic blanket and short sundresses being blown up by the breezy wind.

One of my ex-girlfriends loved having sexy picnics. Every weekend when the weather was nice enough, she'd pack us a delicious basket of food.  Sometimes, she would sneak in a dildo or two for us to play with.  Those were my favorite picnics.

We had a secluded spot in a nearby park that we would always go to.  It was a bit off the beaten path and surrounded by a circle of tall trees and bushes.  No one could really see us unless they knew we were there.

We'd giggle with each other and drink wine and then eventually she'd snuggle up closer to me and start nibbling on my neck and run her fingers up and down my thighs.  She had this subtle way of pushing my skirt up bit by bit with her finger. Her teasing fingertips drove me wild.  After a bit of making out and getting my tongue warmed up, she would ask me if I wanted her pussy in my face and without waiting for an answer, she'd stand up. 

We had the position worked out perfectly.  I'd stretch my legs out in front of me and put my arms behind me so that I could arch my back a bit.  She'd walk with her legs on either side of my body and lift up her skirt so that my face could go underneath. Sometimes she would be wearing a tiny thong but most of the time she didn't wear any panties.

I'd start by just licking her pussy lips softly and blowing on them to dry the saliva.  She hated being teased, so it was never long before her hand was on the back of my head pushing my tongue into her clit.  I'd cup my hands around her chubby ass and grab her butt while my tongue was eating her pussy.

It's such an amazing feeling to be outside surrounded by nature while eating pussy.

Her orgasms were always so intense.  She would try to stay quiet while she was shaking and cumming in my mouth but there were always a few moans that slipped through her lips. I swear people must have heard her, but no one ever confronted us. 

I like to think that they were just enjoying the show.


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