Let The Battle Begin! Facebook vs. Sleazy Revenge Porn Site

Let The Battle Begin! Facebook vs. Sleazy Revenge Porn Site

By Miles Holden on December 12, 2011

The creator of IsAnyoneUp.com is basically the devil incarnate, or at least that’s what some people believe and they might be on to something. What kind of person starts a website centered around spurned exes and frenemies posting private porny pics of old lovers on the Internet complete with Facebook screen grabs to authenticate identity? 

Hunter Moore: devil or genius?! It’s hard to tell between all the people who hate his guts and all the followers his stalker porn site has generated. On one hand he receives death threats on a daily basis and on the other he’s got people tattooing #NBHNC (no butthole no care) – a popular Twitter tag started by Moore – on their bodies and self-submitting their own nudity pics.

Whatever you think of the guy, he’s made a killing pissing people off. Not that Moore loses a wink of sleep over people’s hurt feeling, after all this is the same guy who routinely makes fun of “ugly” submissions (Daily Gnargoyle), none of which is going to stop anytime soon despite threats of litigation and Facebook’s 3 page cease and desist letter. 

“Facebook says Moore is violating some little-known policies prohibiting the publishing of Facebook profiles without their owners' written consent, and "threatening, harassing or intimidating" Facebook users. The letter demands that Moore remove all Facebook profiles and leave their users alone.” (Gawker)

A letter Moore responded to with a picture of his dick, or so he says. This guy really doesn’t give a shit. He receives cease and desist letters every day and doesn’t believe he’s doing anything wrong (or illegal). Only time will tell how this guy’s dick fares in the face of Facebook’s team of lawyers. Stay tuned as the story unfolds. 

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