Letters From Men Who Go To Strip Clubs

Letters From Men Who Go To Strip Clubs

By Isaac on November 29, 2011

I remember my college days like it was yesterday (mostly because it was only a year ago), getting drunk with the boys, chasin’ after girls, and going to the local strip clubs. The crowds at these clubs are always so varied. You’ve got the old veteran in the back that comes here every night, the rowdy bachelor party bros, and the overly drunk young woman who’s never seen boobs past her own before. The draw of a strip club is obvious, especially with free-cover nights. You get to see tits, asses, and a kick-ass dance performance.

But there is a more interesting subculture to be noted at these bars. I can see naked ladies anytime for free thanks to this whole “internet” thing. I want to know why these other guys are ALWAYS here! For me going to a strip club is something I do maybe once or twice a year. These guys, on the other hand, are always here, every night. Is it because they can’t speak to girls in any other setting? Or they just want to see a nice pair of tits?

And then, I stumbled across this blog, aptly named “LETTERS FROM MEN WHO GO TO STRIP CLUBS” – and there I found my answer. Through my readings of this blog I’ve come across a wide variety of reasons and rants regarding strip clubs. But it usually comes down to one factor, one missing connection. These men are lonely, and need a place to rest their worries and stresses. They turn to these clubs for conversation, non-judgment and hopefully a stronger sense of friendship. While it’s just one re-occuring theme within the letters, it’s definitely an interesting look into a subculture of it’s own.

Take some time and read through these, I swear it’s worth your time! 

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