Libraries Begin Blocking Porn… They Didn’t do This Earlier?!

Libraries Begin Blocking Porn… They Didn’t do This Earlier?!

By Jacob Carson on April 13, 2011

I remember being a poor horny college student and heading over to the school's computer lab in the library to “study” using the computers that had Internet access. You walked into the room and there was “the computer.”

You know the one. It was tucked away in a far corner away from prying eyes and it always seemed occupied by someone of the male persuasion. It was the porn computer. The only place in the library to watch porn peacefully, but everyone knew what that computer was for and knew exactly what you were doing.

Watching porn in libraries with free Internet access is a time honored pastime of the perverted and the poor. The Los Angeles City Council is looking to add filters to the city’s library computers to filter out porn sites after incidents with patrons. Apparently, someone was watching porn on a computer within full view of the circulation desk and other customers including children.

First of all, the dude who did this was an idiot. Why in the hell would you watch porn in public. Even porn booths in porn shops have doors on them. Second of all, why didn’t the circulation desk ask the man to stop the second they saw titties a jiggling on the computer screen or received a complaint from a patron.

The computer has since been moved out of view of patrons and as such is now officially the porn computer. It's not likely the city council will act on filters soon, as the issue is still being discussed in committee, but it just goes to show there always has to be one bad banana to ruin the bunch.

Porn is necessary, especially for people without a sexual outlet. People that don’t have computers must go to these public places and ideally find a spot where they can’t be seen, but one sicko decides to watch Anal Abusers 3 in full view of the public and now no one can get porn. I grieve for the hobos of the world who may be robbed for their porn privileges.

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