Lisa Ann in Dayton

Lisa Ann in Dayton

By Zzinsider on October 18, 2011

It’s kinda like winning the lottery when Lisa Ann comes to town and the luckiest folks in the country this week live in the Dayton, OH, area where she’ll be featuring at the Harem Club this Friday and Saturday nights. Get ready middle America, your favorite porn-star is comng to town.

 Can’t make it to Ohio to catch her live and in person? Then you’ll certainly want to take the opportunity to tune into this week’s super special version of her Spice Radio show, Stripper Town, where she’ll be having her friend Jacky Joy on as a very special guest.

 To warm up for the show Jacky interviewed Lisa Ann for the Paulie K Show podcast, which is also available this week. With the Spice show rebroadcast frequently and the Paulie K Show available 24/7 on iTunes, there’s virtually no way to miss these two events.

 Also, this week she will be shooting for, your home for all the Lisa Ann hot action with updates so frequent the casual fan will have a hard time keeping up, but an easy time keeping it up. If you know what I mean.

 Listen to the Paulie K Show podcast swing by here. Lisa Ann’s Stripper Town show on Sirius XM is live on channel 103 Tuesday nights at 11 pm (PST). Click Here to learn more.

 Check out the ZZ Insider five-part interview with Lisa, starting with part 1.

NSFW Enough links for you? Check out Lisa Ann in action at Brazzers

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  • On June 30, 2013, Publixchat said...

    When can the fans in tampa, Florida expect to see Lisa Ann again?