Louis Vuitton Condoms

Louis Vuitton Condoms

By Miles Holden on December 09, 2011

Listen up hotshot, you’ve made it to the big time! All your blood, sweat, and tears have paid off; you can afford to dress yourself in the swankest shit from head to toe. No more trips to Wal-Mart for you, it’s Louis Vuitton all the way just like your idol Kanye West, but what’s a baller to do when he’s exhausted the entire Louis Vuitton catalogue?

Take it a step further!

You wouldn’t put all your bitching new clothes in any old luggage, would you? Why do the same with your precious cock when you can now sheath it in the Louis Vuitton’s high quality condoms; ribbed for her pleasure with the LV logo.

Who ever said “you can’t put a price on save sex” never heard of condoms that cost 68$ a pop! Here I thought a Durex three pack for 3.97$ was a little much. If I had to pay 68$ every time I wanted to prevent knocking someone up I would just go ahead a get a vasectomy. Problem solved! My dick might not be happy, but my bank account would thank me.

Then again, if I was rolling in dough I might try a couple LV dick cover for the sheer novelty of it. They do come in a nifty little package and in a nice brown shade. Of course, if I was that rich I could afford high class escorts for a couple extra bills and there’s anything I learned from that time my ex forced me to watch Pretty Woman it’s that hookers come with their own protection. 

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