Magical Exotic Dancer’s Flying Dildo Trick Injures Best Man

Magical Exotic Dancer’s Flying Dildo Trick Injures Best Man

By Olive Day on February 15, 2011

When a man leaves the world of bachelorhood, according to American tradition, he is entitled to a night full of naked ladies, best friends, an audacious amount of alcohol and usually a lot of chicken wings. For Peter Rolih, his friends wanted to leave him with a special kind of memory… A memory similar to the infamous ping pong ball scene in the film Prisilla, Queen of the Desert which can be found at the bottom of this article. Now, I’m not one for traditions, but I hope that every attendee has been sworn to a pact declaring that every bachelor party from then on will include the super talented stripper they enlisted for this party. No, it was not ping pong balls this particular woman would shoot out of her vagina; it was a dildo. A dildo that the attendees took turns catching.

 “The pink projectile was flying an impressive 7m across the room and looping about 2m high!” Says best man Jure to Courier Mail, “she was shooting it though the room from one corner to the other….it was my turn and it landed straight on my forehead. Other people got it in their chest and knees, I was the only one bleeding…She started apologizing straight away but I just said it was fine… Then I touched my forehead and there was blood.”

I seriously want to party with these guys who the hell would even think of this as a bachleor party necessity?! Finding a stripper that will come to your house and shoot dildos at you is a dedication in itself. If your friends will go that extra mile for your bachelor party, they are friends for life. I wonder if the bachelorette party was comparable...

Best man Jure was still sporting the scar on his forehead at the wedding three weeks later, and has no problem explaining his awesome scar on his forehead.


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