Man Charged With Attempting to Gift an Exploding Vibrator to Ex.

Man Charged With Attempting to Gift an Exploding Vibrator to Ex.

By Olive Day on January 11, 2011

I’d like to say that I’m on top of my game when it comes to the ‘fucked up things that are in the news that somehow stem back to being sexually aroused or being straight up naked’ department but Stefanie Saint was the one that pointed this gem out to me this afternoon while we were working on other super serious content for ZZ Insider.

Winner of the year Terry Lester was tipped off to police by two women who had  found a bevy of terror in the apartment they had recently shared with the perpetrator. Before moving, Lester told the women he had made,“some modifications” to a vibrator he intended to give to one of the women because,“his relationship with those females ended badly.”

Terry explained to friends that, “when the device was inserted into the female he would pull the trigger and it would blow them up.” I’m sorry Lester, are you some sort of ex-boyfriend extremist? Do you really expect your ex-girlfriend to allow you to erotically insert a vibrator which has the words Merry Christmas Bitch manically written down the pink shaft in black ink into her vag? Is that your idea of endearment? After a rough break up between one of the ladies, the landlord  threw Lester out on December 29th.  Among the bags Lester left in his spare room the two ladies discovered, “items that made them uncomfortable” in a container marked “Christmas Gifts.”

Inside this jolly Christmas gift chest were, "cords, cables, small tool kit, drill case with drill parts (the drill was taken apart to use the parts for the vibrator bomb), one black vibrator with gunpowder, BB shot and buck shot inside, trigger attached and battery connector, one pink vibrator with 'Merry Xmas Bitch' written in black ink, and one cream-colored vibrator" Authorities say, “ Lester planned on giving the sex toy to one of the women he had previously been involved with where the relationship ended poorly. Materials were found suggesting he intended to make two other similar devices.”

A bomb squad was called into the scene to detonate the vibrator while cops arrested Lester. Lester denies the vibrator bomb was his even though it was in his room, in his ‘Christmas Gifts’ bag and had written Merry Xmas Bitch on one of the dildos. Lester Faces 10 years in jail if convicted.

Wow though… An exploding vibrator? I honestly have never even thought of that. I'm impressed. Can you think of all of the twists that would've made in literature and film?! How badass would it have been if Romeo and Juliet ended it with an exploding vibrator instead of taking lame poision?

If an exploding dildo is not in one film in the upcoming year I have no faith in Hollywood.

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