Man Cuffs Himself to Teenage Co-Worker Who Turned Him Down

Man Cuffs Himself to Teenage Co-Worker Who Turned Him Down

By Miles Holden on August 15, 2011

When the lady of your dreams won’t succumb to your wit and charm, she leaves you with no other recourse than to whip out the handcuffs. They don’t call it the old ball and chain for nothing. If you’re lady love won’t come willingly the cool feet of metal against her wrists will surely convince her of your worth.

At least, that’s what 24-year-old weirdo Jason Dean thought when he handcuffed himself to the unlucky woman who caught his eye at work. The 18-year-old victim was forced to change her shifts so she no longer had to deal with the creepy advances of her would-be suitor.

The handcuffed love birds were discovered in the parking lot by a fellow Taco Bell employee who convinced Dean to let the girl go. Ringgold police, Georgia, were called to the scene where they proceeded to arrest Dean, who was still in possession of the handcuffs, for a felony false imprisonment charge.

What the f*ck?!

Surely there are better ways to get a date than to handcuff yourself to the chick you want to bang.

I think Dean ate too much Taco Bell and all the chemicals somehow warped his brain. Forget going after fast-food places because they’re making American Children fat, let’s investigate what bad eating habits do a man’s sanity. Come on now, the guy had to be off his rocker if he thought a pair of handcuffs would work like a love potion.  

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