Marching Band Suspended for Publishing Not So Hilarious Rape Jokes

Marching Band Suspended for Publishing Not So Hilarious Rape Jokes

By Miles Holden on November 21, 2011

Sexual marching band jokes have been funny since the dawn of time, ok maybe not the dawn of time, but at least since American Pie, which was released in 1999, so ya, since the dawn of time.

I can’t believe it’s already been twelve years since Willow (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) uttered the classic words: “One time in band camp…”

That was funny, this is not: The Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario) marching band has been suspended for publishing not so funny rape jokes, including: "I will rape you with a lamp" and the cover title "Mouth raping your little sister since 1905."

In addition to the pamphlets, which featured photos of band members manipulated to look as if they had penises instead of instruments in their mouths, songbooks with raunchy, misogynistic lyrics were also recovered by the dean of student affairs at Queen's when an anonymous student dropped them off at her office. (Nerve)

I sort of get the "Mouth raping your little sister since 1905” since these band geeks play instruments with their mouths, but what’s with the lamp joke? I don’t get it, what do lamps have to do with music or musical instruments? I must have been sick the day they thought that in my Queen’s music class – just kidding I never took music class – but I did graduate from Queen’s with a B.A. in theatre.

Incidentally, one of the chicks in my Stage and Screen class at Queen’s did go on to play a hottie in one of the million American Pie sequels (American Pie Presents Beta House). You can also catch her as Hot Woman #1 in the How I Met Your Mother episode “The Front Porch”… among other things.

Life is strange, who would have thought I’d end up porn blogging about my ol’ conservative alma mater and classmates. That’s just what happens these days when you have a liberal arts degree. I’m guessing these porny band geeks with the bad sense of humor are our generations future doctors and engineers. Watch out world, one of Canada’s best universities has some great minds under their tutelage.

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