Masturbation Month: An Ode to Taking Yourself in Hand

Masturbation Month: An Ode to Taking Yourself in Hand

By Christian Madsen on May 09, 2012

Welcome to the month of May and what is Masturbation Month. Hoooraaay!

 Now masturbation is sometimes not taken as serious as intercourse, as if masturbation is only for when you can't get any, which is just not right, damn it!

 Masturbation should be just as celebrated as  the sex you’re having with another person, and not just something you settle for when you can't get your sexy on with a partner.

 We're living in 2012 people, and options for spicing up your self-loving is endless for both men and women. We can now be assisted by so many toys it can honestly be somewhat confusing at times. But what if you want to get down and dirty with yourself and just want to enjoy some sweet release without the aid of anything but yourself?

 Well, there's a lot to play around with, actually. Let’s start off with the most sexy thing you have – your mind and imagination. There are no limits to what you can fantasize about, there are no rules. Whatever or whoever you might fancy thinking about while your hands are busy, you go for it!

 Experiment with different hand movements. Now I'm not going to list them all here but a quick search of the internet will lead you to several sites that can recommend lots of ways to play around – so do it, play around and you might discover something new and exciting.

 But the most important thing about a good wank session is to take it seriously. By that I mean plan it out, choose a really good fantasy, a really good Brazzers porno, maybe. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy every little detail. Don't rush. You're not having fast food. Make your masturbation a gourmet dinner, take your time and really let yourself be swallowed up by your masturbation fantasy and corporeal action.

 There's nothing wrong with a quickie here and there, not when it comes to sex with a partner, sex with yourself, or even a meal. But the moments that stand out, the ones that we remember, well, they are the ones where we make an effort, and that is what masturbation can be, not all the time, but sometimes.

 So let's celebrate Masturbation Month with making masturbation special. Let's talk about it. Tell a good friend they were the main character last night when you got it on with yourself. Just don't be a creep about it. Be proud and share that you masturbate and that they should too . Just don't be crude about it. Let's make May the month where masturbation no longer takes a backseat, but moves up and rides shotgun. Hell, let's put masturbation in the driver’s seat.

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